SUSU Visual Identity

A comprehensive rework of Swansea University Students' Union's visual identity and branding from uniforms to motion graphics. This is a continuously evolving project that moulds the Union's creative output.

The previous Union branding had been in use for over twelve years in various formats and reached saturation point for any future changes. I tasked myself with redeveloping the visual language and associated branding of the organisation. 

The issue of bilingualism was a key factor in the development of a new logo. The old logo was non-compliant with the Welsh Language Act. The act puts Welsh language on an equal footing with the English language with regard to the public sector.

Art direction, design, illustration, copywriting & photography.

Through the conceptualisation process a very apparent idea formed in the corresponding ‘U’ between union and undeb (union in welsh). This mark ultimately became the foremost visual element and lead to the bilingual tagline ‘Putting U in the Union’.

The core identity was utilised and strengthened through a series of branding exercises. 
This included wall graphics of two cross campus buildings, uniform, stationery and motion graphics.

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