Mighty Hoopla is a 15,000 capacity music festival, the brain child of legendary club nights Sink The Pink & Guilty Pleasures.  
Freedom, expressionism and joy at the heart of the festival, everybody is welcome.

The previous years branding lacked the colour and character that the festival is known for. We revitalised the event by injecting some summer, spirit and humour into the brand - appealing to our community of festival goers. 

Hoopla is all about the personalities who attend, so we created our own. Taking influence from art toys and LGBT+ culture we developed a bright and engaging visual language. Characters drive the brand through out, adding a personable and humanistic approach.

The responsive logo and visual language system ensures that the brand can easily adapt to the variety of collateral a festival needs whilst maintaining clarity. 

Work created whilst at East Creative. Artworker: Natrah.Barragry. Photography: Gavin Mills & Luke Dyson

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