Morgans Customs & Classics (MC&C) is a classic vehicle importer and exporter. If it's retro, unique and a little bit quirky, they're dealing in it. 

To distinguish the business in a sea of drab auto dealer brands. It needs a to match its unique proposition and personality whilst maintaining an authentic edge; to appeal to clients in the same way as the vehicles do - something idiosyncratic.

Through a mid-century inspired set of illustrations and paired typography, the resulting identity is extremely flexible in application.

Core to the identity is Maurice, the junkyard dog. Based on the founders British Bulldog. Maurice injects an additional layer of fun and humour into an unconventional brand identity - one that's as unorthodox as the business it represents.


There is no set logo. Instead a series of interchangeable illustrations are use where application dictates. The visual language draws inspiration from mid-century auto shop and spare part graphic design mixed with the upbeat attitude of 50's greasers.
These mini-logos offer a fresh take at every touchpoint - from social through to merch.
Typography is influenced by classic hand signwriting. The headline font is purposely badly kerned to give it a hand crafted feel. This is paired with a characterful brush script that helps counterbalance the heaviness to the sans serif.   

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